January 14, 2011

Years ago someone special gave me Life’s Little Instruction Book. For those who have never heard of Life’s Little Instruction Book, it’s a book that started life as a handbook written by H.Jackson Brown Jr for his son who was going away to college. # 35 says “Plant a tree on your birthday”.

Today, on my birthday, that’s just what I did.

Each year for the past several years, I have purchase a mini blue spruce as my Christmas tree…They are small, easy to maintain, and can be planted, assuming you kept it alive through the holidays. When I was growing up, my family always went to the same tree farm to dig up our Christmas tree, Most years we’d plant them after Christmas. A few years ago a storm knocked down one that had grown to 50 feet!

This will be the 3rd mini blue I’ve planted at my parents place. The first ever planted on my Birthday.