Miracle Elixir

February 6, 2011

Tums. Rolaids. Pepto. Pepsid. Prilosec. If you know these products then you know they are used to treat heart burn and acid reflux. Way back, when I had health insurance, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. I got a prescription, a little tiny magic pill, that worked like a charm. Fast forward to the days of no health insurance, and anyone who knows me knows I was chewing tums again. A lot, all the time,  when I wasn’t doubled up in pain.

One day my best friend said he’d heard somewhere that drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar would ease the pain. No Fn way! I’m sure I said something like that. I hate Vinegar, always have. But, I was hurting, and out of tums.

So, I took a shot and guess what? It was horrible! I remember gagging and coughing and my eyes watered. But you know what? That shit worked! I know, unbelievable! True story. So I’m a believer. I’ll tell anyone who will listen. And, as a bonus, I only have to take it once every couple of months.

One quick shot glass of Apple Cider Vinegar chased shortly after with a glass of water cured my symptoms. It’s been over 5 years now with out a tums, or a pepsid or anything made buy a drug company for heartburn.  I found a site that suggested mixing 3 tablespoons into a glass of water, but I like to have it over with as quickly as possible so I’ve never tried it that way. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot.