The Meat Wagon

March 6, 2011

Ok, it wasn’t a wagon it was a little truck with a freezer in the back. Not a freezer truck but a truck…with a freezer…in the back. I got the knock on the door, opened it and was told I could save 65% off the meat. Now…I live in a funny neighborhood. We get all kinds of salesmen; alarm systems, magazine salesmen, lawn companies, tons of lawn companies, and all the religious factions visit regularly. Some times, if I’m lucky, a girls scout will stop buy. (I love thin mints by the way) But this is the first time someone tried to sell me meat off the back of a truck. It sounded like a great deal, but I’m just not comfortable buying meat that way. It may work for some people but, I like to buy it fresh from the grocery or right from the butcher. He left a flyer. He said he was a independent contractor for Capital Meats. I Googled them and people do not have very nice things to say about them. Have any of you bought meat or fish from someone who knocked on your door?


Give Me Honey

March 5, 2011

I love honey on biscuits. I haven’t had biscuits in a while and I haven’t had Popeye’s in an even longer while. Well I had some chicken and a biscuit today. The first thing I noticed was that the honey packet didn’t say “Honey” on it. It said Honey sauce. Now I’m not a chemist, but I would think it would cost more to make a “Honey Sauce” than to just…ah…put honey in the packets. It tasted like honey like Banana candy tastes like bananas.

Looks like Honey…Fail.


iPad iEnvy

March 4, 2011

I want one. Truly. And, I know I would use it every day, and night, and morning and after lunch too. I’ve got friends who have them, and love them. My Uncle has one. The iPad 2 has  front and rear facing HD cameras, a dual core chip, so it’s twice as fast as the original. It’s also thinner and lighter. (drool) I want one.

I was watching Conan last night and he had a funny parody of Apple’s new product announcement video. You can see it here. You can see the original Apple video here.

Screen shots from the apple video

Brookside Gardens

March 3, 2011

Even though the Sun was out, it still seemed like a grey day. I don’t mean depressing, just grey. Everywhere I looked it was grey. I needed some color. About a mile from my house is a park called Brookside Gardens. In the summer they have acres of plants and flowers. All year their greenhouse is open to the public. Today I walked there and took my camera.

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White Knuckle Ride

March 2, 2011

Traffic in this area is terrible. Second worst only to Chicago according to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report.  I have given this a great deal of thought, today, at lunch, for a min. Here’s my list of three things that can turn our traffic problems around.

  1. Put down the cell phone. If it passes, there’s a bill in VA that would prohibit talking on a Cell Phone while operating a motor vehicle unless you have a Hands Free Device. It is already illegal in MD and DC to hold your cell phone up to your ear and talk into it while you are driving. So just don’t do it.
  2. At the very least, do the speed limit. Nothing causes more trouble on the roads than people doing 10 or 15 mile below the speed limit. If I were king, you’d have to go back to driving school or forfeit your driving privileges. It’s part of being an aware and respectful driver.
  3. Unless you want to go fast, stay out of the fast lane. I have no idea why you think you are “entitled” to stay in the left lane, but you are not. If you are in the left lane and you are not using it to pass or if you are keeping others from passing, you are part of the problem. Be part of the solution for once, use the left lane to pass or to go fast.

If enough people cared a little more about there fellow man, and a little less about themselves, these three simple things would go a long way to help ease the horrible traffic in this area, or any area. Of course, none of these suggestions will help a bad driver, but making it more difficult to get a driving permit is a whole other post all together.