Lost book

April 27, 2011

This is just sad. Some kid dropped this in the Walmart bathroom. No one wants to pick it up I guess.

Big fan of 69

April 26, 2011

69° outside. 84° inside. Now that the Sun has gone down and it’s cooler outside, You’d think it would get cooler inside. You’d be wrong. This old house has no airflow. I hate the heat. What happened to spring? Oh well, only 5 more months of summer heat.

“Best Chinese Food In Town”

Says so right on the menu. You like Seefood?

Seriously, they do have the best food in town!

My brother and I were lucky. We always got two Easter baskets. We got one from the Easter Bunny at home, and then we’d go to our Grandmothers house down the road, and get another. That E. B. was better than Santa. I remember standing outside her front door, she had always set the stage, theater of the mind so to speak. There were convincing muddy foot prints on the front door, and grass trails that led us more or less straight to our baskets. One year there were raisins outside meant to look like bunny crap. I’m pretty sure they were raisins.

Happy Easter!

and on the back of the picture I found this…

Sneaky Bastards

April 23, 2011

If you see one of these on the side of the road, you better slow down. This is the new weapon in the war on speeders. Mobile speed traps. What I don’t get is how are they still standing and why are they paint free? Back in the day, they would not have lasted a weekend. Some enterprising high school football players would have hitched a truck up to one, driven it to a rivals School, and put it on the 50 yard line. Or, bashed the crap out of it with baseball bats. Or, paint balled the shit out of it. This new generation’s got no balls.

 (The owner of this blog does not condone nor suggest the use of violence or destruction…
 …but thinks it would be cool)

My pink dogwood blooms so beautifully each spring. This tree has been in the family for about 35 years. I almost lost it twice. One summer a drunk car thief, while fleeing the police, jumped the curb in a stolen truck and clipped it. And during the huge snowstorm of 2010 the weight of the snow brought some of it’s branches down. it bounced back though. Through it all my little tree continues to bloom, year after year.

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A perfectionist with ADD makes a crappy painter. I had a few days to think about that as I painted my friends sun room. Steve and Maria loved the job I did, but all I could see were the mistakes and blemishes. I’m definitely not a pro because I’m told a pro could have done the job in 2 days, max. I don’t see how. There’s the prep, the primer the first coat, the second coat and the touch up. The sun room has a wall of windows that all needed to be brushed. Obviously a rolled wall would have taken considerable less time. Same with the trim. It took me like two days just to paint the trim and the window frames…forget about cutting in. So the trim is white and the walls are beige (canoe) and the there are two bookshelves, one floor to ceiling and one the length of the room. These took a lot more hand painting in dark purple (raisin).

From a distance, I can admit it looks good. But when I get closer I can see… well, if I had tried to make it perfect, I don’t think I would have ever been finished. I know this but it doesn’t help. If you want your room painted on a weekend call a professional. Call me if you want slow, with meticulous attention to detail…

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Off With Their Thumbs!

April 13, 2011

I would love to personally remove the thumbs from the person responsible for the malicious code that has infected my computer. I have been struggling for the last few days to repair and recover my PC.

And if said person happens to read this…I wish you a prolonged and painful death. Fucker.

the finger

Let There Be Light

April 12, 2011

Some time ago I installed walkway/garden lights for my mom and dad. They love them. Recently it appeared that half of the lights were no longer working. Last night I stopped by and my Dad gave me a handful of bulbs. I fixed 4 out of 5 dark lights simply by changing the burned out bulbs. One light needed to be replaced completely. Years ago I bought some lights hoping to put some in my yard. Long story short, it never happened. They’ve been in my attic for at least 10 years. I have given the lights to my parents. (I will be installing them if it ever stops raining) The new lights are metal, and 18 – 20 watts as compared to the plastic 4watt lights they have now. I also will be installing rock lights.

lightJust needed a new bulb


Rock lightRock lights Rock!

Life Rewards Action

April 6, 2011

I’ve heard it said that “Life Rewards Action”. I believe this to be true in the broadest sense. There’s just one problem. Action hurts.

Monday I went to my parents house to help tackle their “Major Projects” to do list. I’m no stranger to manual labor,  I don’t particularly care for him, but I know Manual, ah… well. One of the projects I took on was replacing an old stone stairway with a new, old stone stairway. I started late 10:30-ish? Maybe 11.? I worked steady until I was finished, just before sunset. 7:30-ish? Maybe 8?

I dug dirt, using a shovel, trowel and my hands. I pounded the ground with a tamper. I removed, moved and placed stone pavers. I cut and replaced sod, carried excess dirt away, and swept  up when I was through. At the time it didn’t seem that physical. I’ve certainly done jobs that were more physical and for longer periods.

During the day my back and knees started to hurt. It became difficult to get up and down, and forget about bending over. I had plenty of energy, but my muscles were staging some kind of revolt. They were throbbing, aching, and some of them were shaking. By the time I finished I was having trouble walking. During dinner with my parents, it hurt just to sit down and I could barely hold a fork.

Back home I put ice on my hands and heat on my back. It’s been two days and my back is feeling better, but I still feel like I was tossed off a mountainside. I’ve never felt this kind of pain in my hands before. It probably would have been much worse had I not worn gloves.

Mom and Dad are happy with their new stairs and of course I’ve come away with the satisfaction of finishing a D.I.Y project, so clearly that’s my reward, but Damn it was brutally painful. Life rewards Action? Feels like Life just kicked my ass.