A perfectionist with ADD makes a crappy painter. I had a few days to think about that as I painted my friends sun room. Steve and Maria loved the job I did, but all I could see were the mistakes and blemishes. I’m definitely not a pro because I’m told a pro could have done the job in 2 days, max. I don’t see how. There’s the prep, the primer the first coat, the second coat and the touch up. The sun room has a wall of windows that all needed to be brushed. Obviously a rolled wall would have taken considerable less time. Same with the trim. It took me like two days just to paint the trim and the window frames…forget about cutting in. So the trim is white and the walls are beige (canoe) and the there are two bookshelves, one floor to ceiling and one the length of the room. These took a lot more hand painting in dark purple (raisin).

From a distance, I can admit it looks good. But when I get closer I can see… well, if I had tried to make it perfect, I don’t think I would have ever been finished. I know this but it doesn’t help. If you want your room painted on a weekend call a professional. Call me if you want slow, with meticulous attention to detail…

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