Last Shuttle Flight

August 9, 2011

I was a kid when the Shuttle program started. I actually got to see one of them on the back of the special 747  they used to transport the Shuttles from where they landed back to where they launched. I was glued to my TV when the Challenger exploded, and I also watched the spectacular destruction of Columbia. Terrible tragedies.

Between April 12 1981 and July 8th 2011 there were 135 shuttle launches.

It’s very sad. The end of an era. I can now cross something off my bucket list…never did get to see a Shuttle launch (in person). Weird that the same week the Shuttle Atlantis was on its last mission I saw this in a client’s back yard. I had to take a picture of it.


Fondue Boo

March 7, 2011

I was a guest, so I felt I needed to keep my opinion to myself. That is, until my host posted, on Facebook, his thoughts about our recent visit to the Melting Pot. Usually we patronize the Gaithersburg Melting pot. This time we went to the Columbia restaurant and the service was terrible. At a place like the Melting Pot, service is more than half the experience. I mean it’s fondue people. You cook your own food. Our waiter messed up on some very basic stuff. He spent a lot of time telling us how special he thought he was, then he barely came by the table. He did bring us our courses, but he was absent the rest of the time. I want someone to at least check on my drink. I was constantly looking for the waiter because my drink was empty. He dropped off desert and didn’t come back until it was time to pick up the check that his manager had given us. The couple of times he did bring the pots or the food to the table, he spent a long time telling us about himself. I don’t mean to be mean, but I don’t care. I don’t go to a restaurant to meet new people. Make sure you are present so if the birthday boy needs another Root beer, or someone needs another fork, or if any number of things that can happen at a table of seven happen, you can attend to it. It’s waiting 101. He was terrible. The table behind us was seated as we started desert. Their waiter visited them more during our desert than ours did during our entire meal. Very disappointing experience from a usually above par establishment.

The food was excellent, but what the hell, I cooked it.