I went to a friends house Saturday night and while I was there I got a call from my neighbor telling me that our power was back on. While I am happy that it is back on, I’m unhappy it took 4 days to get it back on. I was very lucky that I had a place to go to sleep and eat in warmth. Many people had nowhere else to go. I don’t have the answer, but 200,000 customers without power is unacceptable.

I heard on the radio that the Governor of MD wrote a scathing letter to Pepco.

And guess what? We are getting more snow and ice sometime between Monday night and Wednesday.

I was plowing for most of the outage so I had to throw out 99% of what was in my fridge. There’s nothing in there now so if the power goes out again, and it almost certainly will, I wont loose anything else. I have a friend who has a whole house generator and they ride out theses outages brilliantly. Perhaps it’s something to think about down the road. Truth be told, I’d love to get partially off the grid. Creating my own power using wind and solar. It would be nice to get something back from the power company.

Until then, I’ll keep the fridge un-stocked¬† until after the next storm.

Pepco = Crapco

January 29, 2011

According to my neighbor, our power has been out since Wednesday. I called Friday and was told it would be on at 11pm…maybe a little later. Its Saturday. All the streets around our street have power. One of the spokespersons for Pepco went on the radio and said the majority of their customers would have power Friday at 11pm. I did not. They said it would be on sat. It was not. I hope it will be on later tonight, but I don’t have my hopes up. I’m going to a¬† friends house. I expect it may be Monday before I get power back. I’ll keep you posted.