Toilet Paper, Kiddie Carts, and Stupid People

I needed TP. (Toilet Paper). So I went to Target with a list* and got my TP and some other things. As I was leaving, I saw this.

Kiddy Carts

Please click to see what it says on the bag

Sad that they had to put on a warning like that, but I’m too tired for a full blown rant. Next time friends, next time.

*A nod to Becca




  1. Warning labels are certainly getting out of hand, but then again, so are stupid people. Glad you avoided the apocalyptic blunder of forgetting that toilet paper. Haha!

  2. The phenomenon is not uniquely American but I think it originated there and has since spread around the (western)world.
    When I bought my Harley back in ’94 it was literally covered in useless warning stickers. The workshop manual too was full of warnings and cautions. Mostly a by-product of todays litigious society I’m afraid, but also, as with your photo, sometimes hilarious.

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