Today is my Dad’s Birthday. I want to honor him and thank him. He is a great man who has taught me so much. I am very lucky to still have him in my life.

Happy Birthday Pop!
Thanks for teaching me to love nature and animals. Thanks for showing me how to treat other people with respect and to demand it, if earned, in return. It’s because of you that I stand up for the little guy, never start but always finish a fight, and never used my size to bully. It’s because of you I can fix things, make things, and figure out how it all goes together. You taught me to be a man, to take responsibility for my actions, how to drive, how to throw a ball, and so many other things. You’ve given me a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Thank you!

Love Your Son

First Fish

Dad, Me, and my little Brother

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My Dad (chapter 1)

March 23, 2012

First, you need to know, my dad is cool, and he was always cool. He was the original MacGyver, long before Mac was Mac. He once took a tongue depressor, a rubber-band, and some plastic from a bacon package and made my brother and I little sail boats when we were camping. One day I’ll blog about all the things he’s created to fix, repair or just make something better. It’s not enough to say he was a handy man. He was so much better than your average handyman. Still is at 77.

We grew up at the top corner of a cul de sac (court) which meant that while our front yard was small our back yard was pretty large for the neighborhood. Our yard was the ultimate hide and seek, army, and all around playground that the neighborhood kids would come to. Especially after my dad installed a drinking fountain! We had a sand box (dad built). We had swings and a slide. We had a fire pole 20 ft up into a tree. We had a Play house(a tree house on the ground) Again, Dad Built! But to this day, I’ve never met anyone who had a drinking fountain in their back yard. I love you Pop! I can’t ever thank you enough for an amazing and loving childhood. Thank You!

Dad buildin' stuff

drinkin fountain

You Paid What?

March 21, 2012

10 ft of kitchen counter – $15.00

2×4’s – $0.00

Screws, glue, and stuff – about $3 bucks

Spending time with Dad and building the desk he always wanted – Priceless!


My Dad has wanted a desk that spanned the full width of his office for years. He’s always balked at the idea of spending $100 to $135 for a 10ft section of Kitchen counter. But I’m always on the hunt for deals. Yesterday I was at Home Depot on an unrelated pleasure trip, and I decided to check the counter tops. I noticed one that was a little beat up and asked the girl working the aisle about it. She frowned and said “That should have been thrown away.” I Said “Hell, If your throwing it away, I’ll take it.” She went off to find her manager. Long story short, I paid $15 for a counter that had a crack on both ends. I only needed 9ft so I cut 6 inches from each end and it was perfect!

Dad's New Desk



Happy Birthday Mom

January 23, 2011

I’m so lucky to have both my Mom and my Dad. Many of my friends do not. I am also lucky to have a great relationship with them both. They’re both good people who I, even if I weren’t family, would want to know. So, happy Birthday to you mom! I hope you have many more.


Your number one son!

Mom and Dad

My Dad’s Tree

January 15, 2011

It was 34 years ago. We were camping near a lake. Dad said, “If you see the ranger, whistle.” We have a family Whistle. Sadly, I found out later, not all families have a family whistle. But we did, and I was ready. 12 years old, standing by the side of the access road with my little brother who at the time was 10. We waited, and watched for the Ranger. After at least 15 min, and no Ranger sightings, Dad reappeared from the woods. Without more than a “Let’s go boys” He struck out for the lake and we followed.

The next day my brother and I went exploring. I wanted to know what dad had done in the woods. My brother and I went to the spot where dad had gone into the woods, and walked slowly in. After looking high and low, we found a tree that had recently be marked. My dad had carved an old fashion love sign into a tree, in the woods…

The initials “SR” then under that, the letter “L” and below that the initials “CC” and below that, the date “77”.

My dad was so cool! Years later, I went back to the woods, near that lake, and found that tree. I took a picture of the carving, blew it up and framed it. I gave it to my parents on their 40th anniversary.

Last November my dad and I went back to that lake to take pictures and reminisce. I asked him if he would like to try to find “His” tree. He said sure and we went looking. We were both surprised and excited to have found that tree once again. There were several trees around “His” tree that had been felled, either by nature or the Park service. But there it was, bigger than either of us had remembered! Maybe 80′ tall! And about 8 feet up, there was his carving! Nature had reclaimed some of it but it is still readable. And no harm had come to that beautiful tree. I think that my dads quest for romantic immortality has, in part, been achieved.

Great Falls MD

January 15, 2010

I’m very close to my parents both in emotion and location.  I see them often. Once a year I try to get together with my dad to go some place local where we can take some interesting pictures. This week we went to Great Falls on the Maryland side of the Potomac River.

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