You Paid What?

10 ft of kitchen counter – $15.00

2×4’s – $0.00

Screws, glue, and stuff – about $3 bucks

Spending time with Dad and building the desk he always wanted – Priceless!


My Dad has wanted a desk that spanned the full width of his office for years. He’s always balked at the idea of spending $100 to $135 for a 10ft section of Kitchen counter. But I’m always on the hunt for deals. Yesterday I was at Home Depot on an unrelated pleasure trip, and I decided to check the counter tops. I noticed one that was a little beat up and asked the girl working the aisle about it. She frowned and said “That should have been thrown away.” I Said “Hell, If your throwing it away, I’ll take it.” She went off to find her manager. Long story short, I paid $15 for a counter that had a crack on both ends. I only needed 9ft so I cut 6 inches from each end and it was perfect!

Dad's New Desk




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