I’m a mac

August 20, 2012

I’ve been with Windows since Windows 3.0. I enjoyed Windows 95 and 98, suffered through Windows Me, and loved Windows Xp. I resisted Vista, but it won me over. I’ve had may PC’s over the years and the latest on came loaded with Windows 7. I do not like Windows 7. A few months ago I installed Windows 8 consumer evaluation copy. I absolutely hate it. It’s terrible. It seems to be completely designed for tablets. For a desktop, it is just horrible.

I’m a Graphic Designer and I’m comfortable with Windows. I’m also a big fan of Macs. I’ve owned 2 old iMacs, and when I went back to School to get my degree, the College had an awesome Mac lab stocked with smoking fast G5’s. I was in love.

Recently I had the good fortune to purchase a 6 month old Macbook Pro. It’s awesome! And fast! Everyday I’m learning more and loving it. That is until I decided to try the dictation app. This is the window that came up:


Why the hell would they need my contacts?!?

Anyway, I still love my Macbook pro.
Did I mention it has a back-lit keyboard?

Last Sunday I met with some friends from High School, and we rode for miles. On the side of one of the country roads on which we were traveling I saw this:


I wasn’t leading so I didn’t stop, but I did take about 4 picks as we rode by doing about 50. When I got home I blew one up and saw this web address. Turns out what I saw was part of last years Transformers themed corn maze. According to the site they have the largest corn maze in Maryland. “This past years maze was 9.1 miles of trails covering 42 acres.”

I plan to go back and stop to take some better pictures.



My First Award

April 2, 2012

I may not have won the mega millions but I’m still a winner. My fellow blogger (and Harley rider) Stevie D was kind enough to nominate me for this award, my first! Stevie and his entourage take motorcycle trips around the globe and Stevie posts incredible pictures on his blog. You can find him here.

From what I’ve read, the Liebster Blog award is for bloggers that are creating some interesting posts but  haven’t yet gotten the exposure, recognition, or following that perhaps they should.

The rules are simple:

 1. Thank and link back to the blogger who honored you (see above). 

2. Copy and paste this award on your blog. 

3. Reveal 5 bloggers worthy of praise and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. 

I read somewhere they should have less than 200 followers, but most of the bloggers I follow have way more than that. So this is me breaking the rules.

These are some of the people who make me laugh and make me think.


No particular order.






All beautifully talented writers.

Thanks again to Stevie D for your kind words and for the nomination!



I posted last year about my trips to Canton PA. This past New Years we had three awesome dogs with us. My friend Stacey was able to get all three to sit still long enough for me to capture the moment. Not an easy feat, Bee Bee and Bennie never sit still and Sookie was just a few months old. Still, Stacey did it, and here’s the proof. Love those dogs.

Bennie, Sookie, & Bee Bee

As Usual, Click to Enlarge 🙂



My Dad (chapter 1)

March 23, 2012

First, you need to know, my dad is cool, and he was always cool. He was the original MacGyver, long before Mac was Mac. He once took a tongue depressor, a rubber-band, and some plastic from a bacon package and made my brother and I little sail boats when we were camping. One day I’ll blog about all the things he’s created to fix, repair or just make something better. It’s not enough to say he was a handy man. He was so much better than your average handyman. Still is at 77.

We grew up at the top corner of a cul de sac (court) which meant that while our front yard was small our back yard was pretty large for the neighborhood. Our yard was the ultimate hide and seek, army, and all around playground that the neighborhood kids would come to. Especially after my dad installed a drinking fountain! We had a sand box (dad built). We had swings and a slide. We had a fire pole 20 ft up into a tree. We had a Play house(a tree house on the ground) Again, Dad Built! But to this day, I’ve never met anyone who had a drinking fountain in their back yard. I love you Pop! I can’t ever thank you enough for an amazing and loving childhood. Thank You!

Dad buildin' stuff

drinkin fountain

You Paid What?

March 21, 2012

10 ft of kitchen counter – $15.00

2×4’s – $0.00

Screws, glue, and stuff – about $3 bucks

Spending time with Dad and building the desk he always wanted – Priceless!


My Dad has wanted a desk that spanned the full width of his office for years. He’s always balked at the idea of spending $100 to $135 for a 10ft section of Kitchen counter. But I’m always on the hunt for deals. Yesterday I was at Home Depot on an unrelated pleasure trip, and I decided to check the counter tops. I noticed one that was a little beat up and asked the girl working the aisle about it. She frowned and said “That should have been thrown away.” I Said “Hell, If your throwing it away, I’ll take it.” She went off to find her manager. Long story short, I paid $15 for a counter that had a crack on both ends. I only needed 9ft so I cut 6 inches from each end and it was perfect!

Dad's New Desk



My mom gets migraines. Real bad ones. My brother and his daughters suffer from them as well. I used to get them about 3-4 times a month. An interesting thing happened to me a couple years ago. I stopped eating yellow processed (orange) cheese slices and switched to the white. I love cheese, no really, I love cheese. I think everything is better with cheese.

Cheese Balls

Anyway, at the same time, I completely stopped eating Cheese Balls, Cheetos, cheese doodles, Doritos, and anything like that. Something amazing happened…my migraines almost completely stopped. It’s been at least 6 months since I had one. I don’t miss the headaches, but I do occasionally miss the cheese balls.

Yesterday I was shopping at Target and I found Cheese Balls made with white cheder and thought, maybe I’ll try these. No orange color, maybe no Migraine. I was wrong. The migraine hit so fast, and so hard, I had to wait to finish this post. Obviously I’ll be living without Cheese balls.



Granny In Pink

March 3, 2012

Today, as I pulled in to the local 7-eleven to pick up a movie from the Red Box, I saw a pink scooter. “Very cool!” I thought. Even cooler was the scooter’s rider Nancy. Nancy was nice enough to let me take pictures of her and her ride. “I should start charging!” she said. I told her I had a blog and was always looking for something or someone interesting to blog about. She said “Make sure they know I’m a grandmother.” I gave her my web address. I hope she checks it.

It was a pleasure meeting you Nancy. Ride safe!

Granny in Pink

Have a ____ and a Smile

March 2, 2012

One of the best things we ever did as a family was camping on the weekends. One place we camped regularly had a lake down the road from the campground. I went back to the lake with my dad not to long ago. So much was as I remembered it, but some things had changed. There seemed to be a lot more soda machines there than I remember. When I was a kid there was no question as to “Water or Soda?” There was only one soda machine and it was at the ranger’s station. (we weren’t sure it actually worked) Also, there were water fountains all over. So water it was. Having a soda was a treat not a staple. Of course things change. There have been times I’ve put my dollar into a machine to get a bottled water, even with a water fountain two feet away.

For those of you from the “i-me” generation this is a picture of a Water Fountain. Push a button and water gently shoots from a spout, and you drink from it. They used to be everywhere, just like pay phones…I’ll explain those later.



Spring Cometh Early

March 1, 2012

This time last year I had to dig out the bike.

It was 66° today. If you can’t beat them, join them. I went for nice long ride and it was beautiful. Kinda like this: