I’m a mac

I’ve been with Windows since Windows 3.0. I enjoyed Windows 95 and 98, suffered through Windows Me, and loved Windows Xp. I resisted Vista, but it won me over. I’ve had may PC’s over the years and the latest on came loaded with Windows 7. I do not like Windows 7. A few months ago I installed Windows 8 consumer evaluation copy. I absolutely hate it. It’s terrible. It seems to be completely designed for tablets. For a desktop, it is just horrible.

I’m a Graphic Designer and I’m comfortable with Windows. I’m also a big fan of Macs. I’ve owned 2 old iMacs, and when I went back to School to get my degree, the College had an awesome Mac lab stocked with smoking fast G5’s. I was in love.

Recently I had the good fortune to purchase a 6 month old Macbook Pro. It’s awesome! And fast! Everyday I’m learning more and loving it. That is until I decided to try the dictation app. This is the window that came up:


Why the hell would they need my contacts?!?

Anyway, I still love my Macbook pro.
Did I mention it has a back-lit keyboard?


  1. I have never used a Mac for more than a few seconds until I was all, “what is this sorcery” and whimpering away feeling like an idiot. I like my Windows 7, and I think that’s where I’ll stay. Then again, I am no graphic designer so…

    • Ala-kazam! Whoops sorry. (Replying on my Mac)

      My main Pc came with windows 7. But Microsoft was offering a free upgrade to try windows 8. Big mistake IMHO. I’ll eventually be switching back. I’m by no means an Apple “Fan boy” There are things I love and hate about both operating systems. I do love my iPhone though…please don’t crack my screen with your mind!


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