Candy World is much better than Candyland

Just on the cusp of the food court at the mall you can find the entrance to sugar high heaven, better known as Candy World. Just like Disney world is better than Disney Land, I have to assume Candy World is better than Candy Land. I had seen small candy stores before, but this was…monumental. A whole world all about candy. I was overwhelmed. My eyes didn’t know where to look first. All the candy I’ve ever enjoyed throughout my life and then some. Was this…nirvana? (Screaming kid screams behind me) Nope. Not nirvana. But Amazing none the less. When I was a kid (flashback to me as a kid) My Grandmother used to take me and my brother to the mall. There was a tiny candy shop where she used to buy us these soft sugary slices of candy.

What a great memory.


Guess what I found at Candy World?



  1. Flashback!! My dad used to get these at the candy counter at the Sears in White Oak … along with “Carmellows” (giant marshmallows dipped in caramel) Too bad I somehow got one of those mallows stuck in my hair and Mom had to cut all of my hair off. Good times.

      • Ah … the 70’s were a magical time to be alive!

        A trip to Sears for some Toughskins and maybe some house paint … with a side trip to the candy counter for some Swedish Fish or Fruit Slices. Oh yeaahhhh!

        Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane, Sam 😉

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