Granny In Pink

Today, as I pulled in to the local 7-eleven to pick up a movie from the Red Box, I saw a pink scooter. “Very cool!” I thought. Even cooler was the scooter’s rider Nancy. Nancy was nice enough to let me take pictures of her and her ride. “I should start charging!” she said. I told her I had a blog and was always looking for something or someone interesting to blog about. She said “Make sure they know I’m a grandmother.” I gave her my web address. I hope she checks it.

It was a pleasure meeting you Nancy. Ride safe!

Granny in Pink


  1. How totally fine! Now I know what I want when I grow up – a sparkling purple scooter!!!

    You go Nancy! I admire you – Ganne

    • Hi Ganne, I, like you, dreamed and fantasized about driving a scooter and finally said “why not”. It has been an absolute joy
      to ride and I am always getting a ” thumbs up ” from passersby!
      Keep on hoping!

  2. Thanks for making me almost “famous”! It was great chatting with you and I love your blog-very insightful.

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