Have a ____ and a Smile

One of the best things we ever did as a family was camping on the weekends. One place we camped regularly had a lake down the road from the campground. I went back to the lake with my dad not to long ago. So much was as I remembered it, but some things had changed. There seemed to be a lot more soda machines there than I remember. When I was a kid there was no question as to “Water or Soda?” There was only one soda machine and it was at the ranger’s station. (we weren’t sure it actually worked) Also, there were water fountains all over. So water it was. Having a soda was a treat not a staple. Of course things change. There have been times I’ve put my dollar into a machine to get a bottled water, even with a water fountain two feet away.

For those of you from the “i-me” generation this is a picture of a Water Fountain. Push a button and water gently shoots from a spout, and you drink from it. They used to be everywhere, just like pay phones…I’ll explain those later.



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