I Did Have Sunscreen On

April 10, 2012

Last Saturday I rode to Great Falls Park,VA. I had previously only been to the MD side of the falls. It was beautiful and peaceful. I only wish I could have  captured the true size and power of this beautiful river and falls.



Last Sunday I met with some friends from High School, and we rode for miles. On the side of one of the country roads on which we were traveling I saw this:


I wasn’t leading so I didn’t stop, but I did take about 4 picks as we rode by doing about 50. When I got home I blew one up and saw this web address. Turns out what I saw was part of last years Transformers themed corn maze. According to the site they have the largest corn maze in Maryland. “This past years maze was 9.1 miles of trails covering 42 acres.”

I plan to go back and stop to take some better pictures.



I’m not going to give you a thousand words, just 23. I rode today. It was beautiful, peaceful, and I took a few pictures.

Granny In Pink

March 3, 2012

Today, as I pulled in to the local 7-eleven to pick up a movie from the Red Box, I saw a pink scooter. “Very cool!” I thought. Even cooler was the scooter’s rider Nancy. Nancy was nice enough to let me take pictures of her and her ride. “I should start charging!” she said. I told her I had a blog and was always looking for something or someone interesting to blog about. She said “Make sure they know I’m a grandmother.” I gave her my web address. I hope she checks it.

It was a pleasure meeting you Nancy. Ride safe!

Granny in Pink

Spring Cometh Early

March 1, 2012

This time last year I had to dig out the bike.

It was 66° today. If you can’t beat them, join them. I went for nice long ride and it was beautiful. Kinda like this:



White Knuckle Ride

March 2, 2011

Traffic in this area is terrible. Second worst only to Chicago according to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report.  I have given this a great deal of thought, today, at lunch, for a min. Here’s my list of three things that can turn our traffic problems around.

  1. Put down the cell phone. If it passes, there’s a bill in VA that would prohibit talking on a Cell Phone while operating a motor vehicle unless you have a Hands Free Device. It is already illegal in MD and DC to hold your cell phone up to your ear and talk into it while you are driving. So just don’t do it.
  2. At the very least, do the speed limit. Nothing causes more trouble on the roads than people doing 10 or 15 mile below the speed limit. If I were king, you’d have to go back to driving school or forfeit your driving privileges. It’s part of being an aware and respectful driver.
  3. Unless you want to go fast, stay out of the fast lane. I have no idea why you think you are “entitled” to stay in the left lane, but you are not. If you are in the left lane and you are not using it to pass or if you are keeping others from passing, you are part of the problem. Be part of the solution for once, use the left lane to pass or to go fast.

If enough people cared a little more about there fellow man, and a little less about themselves, these three simple things would go a long way to help ease the horrible traffic in this area, or any area. Of course, none of these suggestions will help a bad driver, but making it more difficult to get a driving permit is a whole other post all together.


February 27, 2011

I decided to ride the newly opened section of the Inter County Connector (ICC) today while it’s still free. Kind of anti climactic. It’s a road, even if it’s the nicest road in Montgomery Co, it’s still just a road. I rode from Georgia AV near Olney, to Shady Grove RD. It took about 7 min at 60mph.  During my 7 min ride I saw 3 people pulled over, 2 on the way out, and 1 on the way home.

On the way home i decided to take it past Georgia AV to where it ends at RT 28 Norbeck RD. After I got off on Norbeck RD to take some pictures, I got back on the ICC to take it back to my Georgia Av exit. Guess what? Once I got back on at 28, I couldn’t get off at Georgia AV. I had to take it all the way back to Shady Grove RD, get off, turn around and get back on. Fail. I’m sure it’s temporarily closed…right?

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Motor Cat

February 18, 2011

Years ago I saw a guy on a motorcycle parked near the Supermarket. His tank was covered with carpet, and sitting on the carpet, calmly taking in all the sights, sounds and smells was a big tabby cat. Motor cat. She had a little helmet on and the story I heard at the time was that this guy was flagged down on the beltway because there was a cat on his roof. He stopped and took the cat home. Every time he started his motorcycle the cat would jump up on it.

I found this post just screwing around with Google. I’m not sure this is the same guy or cat because I don’t remember the bike I saw being a race bike and of course the origin story is different, but it’s hard to believe there could have been two Motor cats in my area.

Fish and Chips Please

January 21, 2011

I love fish and chips. Arthur Treachers, and Long John Silvers. Unfortunately, neither of these fine establishments has a location close to me. None convenient, anyway. So, I don’t get to eat there very often. But when I’m traveling, or if work takes me past one, I always try to stop in. Most of my friends think I’m crazy, but I love that beer battered (or whatever battered), deep fried, crispy deliciousness! And Hush puppies! OMG, I love those perfectly seasoned bread balls!

Today I stopped at one in Alexandria VA., and I loved it!

Fish and Chips 2

Blizzard of 2010

February 7, 2010

It was unbelievable, and so much fun!

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