White Knuckle Ride

Traffic in this area is terrible. Second worst only to Chicago according to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report.  I have given this a great deal of thought, today, at lunch, for a min. Here’s my list of three things that can turn our traffic problems around.

  1. Put down the cell phone. If it passes, there’s a bill in VA that would prohibit talking on a Cell Phone while operating a motor vehicle unless you have a Hands Free Device. It is already illegal in MD and DC to hold your cell phone up to your ear and talk into it while you are driving. So just don’t do it.
  2. At the very least, do the speed limit. Nothing causes more trouble on the roads than people doing 10 or 15 mile below the speed limit. If I were king, you’d have to go back to driving school or forfeit your driving privileges. It’s part of being an aware and respectful driver.
  3. Unless you want to go fast, stay out of the fast lane. I have no idea why you think you are “entitled” to stay in the left lane, but you are not. If you are in the left lane and you are not using it to pass or if you are keeping others from passing, you are part of the problem. Be part of the solution for once, use the left lane to pass or to go fast.

If enough people cared a little more about there fellow man, and a little less about themselves, these three simple things would go a long way to help ease the horrible traffic in this area, or any area. Of course, none of these suggestions will help a bad driver, but making it more difficult to get a driving permit is a whole other post all together.

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