April 16, 2012

I had an excellent childhood, two loving parents, and I was a good kid. I didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. Not yet. I would eventually dabble in all three, but that’s another story for another time. I was 17 and invincible.  I was a football player, and at that age, I couldn’t fathom how fragile the human body really is. I couldn’t possibly understand that we are only here for a cosmic blink of an eye.

There were two passengers with me. Both friends of mine. Both a year younger. We’d been out playing miniature golf at Putt Putt. We were running late getting home, and I didn’t want to be late. I didn’t want to disappoint, to…take advantage of the trust I had with my parents. None of us were wearing seat belts.

It was summer and I remember the heat. It was so damn hot, oppressively hot and muggy. I remember making a right down Glasgow Drive. I’ve no idea how fast I was driving. I remembered too late the curve at the end of the street, and I was driving too fast to make it safely. I remember trying to brake, turning the wheel, willing the car to stop. I remember twisting my body, gripping the steering wheel with both hands at the “12 O’ Clock” position and I remember thinking “this is gonna hurt”.

I remember a loud boom as the car hit the tree, then nothing…then…I heard static…the radio. Someone pulled me from the wreckage. To this day, I’ve no idea who. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked around. One of my friends was lying on the ground beside me. I grabbed his hand, squeezed and tried to tell him everything would be ok.  His eyes were wide open. he didn’t respond. He was in shock.

I could hear the sirens getting closer. I couldn’t seem make my eyes focus and my nose was running. I reached up to wipe it and my hand came away bloody. My nose felt like mashed potatoes. I thought it was weird that it didn’t hurt. Now I knew why my vision was blurry. I’m pretty sure the cops arrived first. Officer Brown questioned me. I told him I was the driver, we were on our way home. No we hadn’t been drinking. No we don’t do drugs. I gave him my licence. I told him to keep it, that I wouldn’t be needing it again. I felt sure my parents would never let me drive again. He laughed and told me to hang onto it anyway.

I knew my leg was broken. It was numb, I couldn’t move it, and it was doing a very unnatural “U” turn. Weird that it didn’t hurt. Yet.

By this time the paramedics had arrived and had begun working on me. I tried to cooperate but I wanted to know where my other friend was. I kept asking about him and i was meet by blank stares. “We’re working on you. We don’t know about him.” I told them his dad was a Captain on the police force, but I couldn’t get any answers from them. My heart sank. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up. “He’s dead”, I thought. “I killed him”.

As they put me in the ambulance, I remember feeling very cold, and thinking how amazing these people were who were working on me. They were sweating, I could see it. All the way to the hospital all I could think about was the friend I had killed. That and how it was weird that I didn’t feel any pain.

This is a true story. I publish it now because I have a niece who is turning 16 and is learning to drive. I don’t hold much hope that it will make much difference. I doubt hearing this story would have made any difference to my 17 year old self. But if just one person passes this story and pictures on to their kid and it makes them slow down…

The pain finally came, and stayed for months. My other friend lived. They had to cut him out of the car. He was lodged between the passenger seat and the passenger door. He had been ridding in the back seat. I cannot begin to describe to you how it feels to think you killed someone. I hope no one ever has to feel that.



“If Swallowed…”

April 6, 2012

I bought this just to photograph the warning on the back.


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Turns out the same warning is on my regular ChapStick, so I guess there’s nothing to be worried about right?



Thrown or Blown

March 29, 2012

I don’t care which, thrown or blown. Your bad habits have affected my life. Your casual attitude and belief that what you do makes no difference makes me sick. You say stupid things like “ Who cares” and “It’s my world” as if that some how excuses your deplorable behavior. I want to say I don’t blame you, that it’s your upbringing or your culture. But at some point, despite your parents shortcomings or where you came from, you should (we hope) grow up and realize that what you are doing is wrong. I despise your indifference to my outrage. If I could, I’d make you live for a year in your own filth in a land fill. I’m tired of picking up your trash. Every day of the week I find your garbage in my yard. Thrown or blown, the trash in my yard came first from your guilty little hand you piece of crap.


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February 27, 2012

“Everyday show your family how much you love them with your words, with your touch, and with your thoughtfulness.”

-Life’s Little Instruction Book

Sneaky Bastards

April 23, 2011

If you see one of these on the side of the road, you better slow down. This is the new weapon in the war on speeders. Mobile speed traps. What I don’t get is how are they still standing and why are they paint free? Back in the day, they would not have lasted a weekend. Some enterprising high school football players would have hitched a truck up to one, driven it to a rivals School, and put it on the 50 yard line. Or, bashed the crap out of it with baseball bats. Or, paint balled the shit out of it. This new generation’s got no balls.

 (The owner of this blog does not condone nor suggest the use of violence or destruction…
 …but thinks it would be cool)

I love You

April 1, 2011

He loved her, he loved her very much. But she was young, just 17. He was young, but experienced. He chose today, April 1st, to say “I love you” just in case. If things didn’t  work out, he could always just say “April Fools”.  It did work out. It was 55 years ago today my dad told my mom he loved her. October will be 54 years of marriage.

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Thanks Thomas The Tech

March 26, 2011

I’ve been working the last two or three weeks on rebuilding my website so I haven’t had much time to watch TV. A few nights ago I decided to take a break and catch up on some of the shows that I’ve recorded on my DVR. I’ve have one of Verizon’s new 500 GB DVR’s. I clicked on the DVR button and it said I had no recorded shows.

I’ll give you a moment to think about the shows you’d loose and how you’d feel if you found yourself in my shoes…

4 weeks of “Top Shot”, “Justified”, “Archer”, and “N.C.I.S.”, just to name a few, all gone!

I was pissed. I sighed and called Verizon resigned to the fact that I was going to be on hold for a long time. In my opinion, Verizon has the worst automated phone system I’ve ever been trapped in. Understand, I’ve got no problem with Verizon’s customer service “people”. I just think waiting 35 minutes to talk to a human being is unacceptable.

So 35 minutes and 3 transfers later got me to Derrick who, after trouble shooting to no avail, scheduled a Friday afternoon Service call.

Thomas, the Tech, showed up Friday afternoon. He checked the box, changed some wires, switched a splitter, inserted a dohicky, and hit record and like magic, it worked! He refused to accept my tip (I pressed him hard to accept it), gave me his card and told me to call him if I had any more issues with the box.

30 minutes later the DVR stopped recording and turned itself off. It ignored my command to power on. *sigh*

I called Thomas and he said he’d stop by Saturday morning and swap out the defective box for a new one. He did. The new box works fine so far.

Thanks Thomas. You’re the man.

Junk Out Your Trunk

March 21, 2011

No one but spammers like spam. So I’m happy that Rustock, a company responsible for almost half of the world wide spam, has been temporarily stopped. I say temporarilly because another group of dicks will probably step up to fill the void. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Microsoft, with the aid of the U.S. Marshals, went in with “a federal court order granting them permission to seize computers.”

I hate spam, truly, I get tons of them every day. But there’s something a little scary about this story. CNET News reported that seven hosting facilities across the country were raided and command-and-control machines were seized. It’s one thing to hear that a federal or state organization made a raid but Microsoft!?!

Spammers are bad, greedy, deceitful, selfish, dicks. I hope they go to jail for a very, very long time…if Microsoft’s DCU ever finds them.


Life Goes Here.

March 19, 2011

Life goes here. Literally, I put it up here daily, in color and black and white. But, it’s been a few days since I have blogged and I feel guilty. Guilty because I have enjoyed writing, and I think a couple of you have enjoyed reading what I write. So, I’m sorry. I want to explain why, but it’s difficult. I think my strength lies in my photos doing most of the talking. And recently, I just haven’t found anything interesting to photograph. Actually, I did see something Thursday. It was a  busted light under a motel six sign. Yeah I know! “We’ll leave the light on.” I grabbed my portable camera…the battery was dead. I tried with my iphone, but I couldn’t get the light to show clear. So I’ve got nothing. Friday I went out and everything seemed grey. I don’t know if I’m depressed (I am) or if I’m loosing my ability to see colors(doubtful), but as nice as the weather was, it was a damn grey day. So I got nothing. I’m gonna take my good camera and walk around the neighborhood today. Who knows, maybe I’ll find some inspiration.

Set it and Forget it!

March 12, 2011

Why can’t we set the clocks and freaking leave them. I think the best time of year is when it is still light out, when it’s supposed to be light out. It’s unnatural for it to be dark at 4pm. It’s also unsafe. Wouldn’t you rather travel home from work in the daylight. Modern Daylight Savings Time (DST) was first proposed in 1895 and one of it’s early goals was to reduce the use of electricity.

The history of time in the United States includes DST during both world wars, but no standardization of peacetime DST until 1966. In 1984, Fortune magazine estimated that a seven-week extension of DST would yield an additional $30 million for 7-Eleven stores, and the National Golf Foundation estimated the extension would increase golf industry revenues $200 million to $300 million. Clorox (parent of Kingsford Charcoal) and 7-Eleven provided the primary funding for the Daylight Saving Time Coalition behind the 1987 extension to U.S. DST. In 2005, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association and the National Association of Convenience Stores successfully lobbied for the 2007 extension to U.S. DST.

Sounds good to me. Let keep extending it. Let’s not “Fall Back” at all next fall. It’s gonna be dark for your morning commute anyway, do you really want to drive home in the dark too? Think about it.