Life Goes Here.

Life goes here. Literally, I put it up here daily, in color and black and white. But, it’s been a few days since I have blogged and I feel guilty. Guilty because I have enjoyed writing, and I think a couple of you have enjoyed reading what I write. So, I’m sorry. I want to explain why, but it’s difficult. I think my strength lies in my photos doing most of the talking. And recently, I just haven’t found anything interesting to photograph. Actually, I did see something Thursday. It was a  busted light under a motel six sign. Yeah I know! “We’ll leave the light on.” I grabbed my portable camera…the battery was dead. I tried with my iphone, but I couldn’t get the light to show clear. So I’ve got nothing. Friday I went out and everything seemed grey. I don’t know if I’m depressed (I am) or if I’m loosing my ability to see colors(doubtful), but as nice as the weather was, it was a damn grey day. So I got nothing. I’m gonna take my good camera and walk around the neighborhood today. Who knows, maybe I’ll find some inspiration.

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