Transformers in a field in Maryland?

April 4, 2012

Last Sunday I met with some friends from High School, and we rode for miles. On the side of one of the country roads on which we were traveling I saw this:


I wasn’t leading so I didn’t stop, but I did take about 4 picks as we rode by doing about 50. When I got home I blew one up and saw this web address. Turns out what I saw was part of last years Transformers themed corn maze. According to the site they have the largest corn maze in Maryland. “This past years maze was 9.1 miles of trails covering 42 acres.”

I plan to go back and stop to take some better pictures.



4 Responses to “Transformers in a field in Maryland?”

  1. becca3416 said

    That would be a must. Close to my home town we have a corn maze that is pretty big. They deck it out for Halloween as a haunted corn maze. It is a terrifyingly fun experience!

  2. aGreycat said

    I’ve never been to one though I’d love to! I read on their site that they also have a pumpkin cannon you can fire! How cool!


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