Don’t Cave to the Crave

Man! I think tonight is the 7th night without a cigar…and I really find myself craving one.  Earlier today when I got home, there was a package on my front step. One of my closest friends had sent me a beautiful box of Maduro Macanudo’s! Awesome! Too bad I just quit.

I quit smoking cigarettes nearly 8 years ago, so I know I can do this. But Boy do I want one right now…so how do I behave? when I do so crave?

Well, I wish there were some trick, or secret, but there’s not. I am just not going to have one. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, but not tonight. That is my decision. I will not Cave to the Crave!

One comment

  1. Geeze…banana…how the hell was I supposed to know you were quitting smoking cigars…and here now…you got a box…damn…me bad! But what the hell…finish the box, and then let me know…LMAO…I won’t send you anymore…just enjoy these…OH…if you decide you’d like some more just let me know…love you bro.

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