Oh Shit! That’s what I said right after I took a couple of big gulps from my drink. (Sailor Jerry rum and Diet Pepsi – unfinished) What do I mean by unfinished? We’ll get back to that. First let me set the scene…

Saturday evening I’m at my brothers house, actually in his pool house. It’s where we watch the Redskins games and drink and smoke cigars. The game’s over (we won) and my brother left to pick up our other brother from another mother. While he’s gone I have been reading some of the coolest posts by some very talented and witty bloggers.

I think it was LaLa‘s post that mentioned that madame weebles “has big boobs”. I’m a man, so I thought I should just click over and check out those puppies for myself. I wasn’t disappointed. From what I gathered, they’re real and they’re magnificent.

I kept reading, and drinking. I was so engrossed in the lengthy fascinating comments section that I reached for my cup and, still reading, proceeded to gulp down several swallows of straight rum! Shit! I had forgotten to add the DP.

It was a good night despite the fact that the point to this post got lost somewhere after the 3rd or 4th drink. Football? Drinks? Boobs? Hell, I don’t know, and I don’t care. As my NY friends love to say and I hate to hear, “It is what it is.”


Now sober and well rested, I think the only way to salvage this drinkin’, smokin’, big boobin’ TMI fest is to share, with anyone who cares, some of the blogs that have captured my attention.

madame weebles
Domestic Diva MD
jillian levi
sweet mother

Don’t Cave to the Crave

January 10, 2011

Man! I think tonight is the 7th night without a cigar…and I really find myself craving one.  Earlier today when I got home, there was a package on my front step. One of my closest friends had sent me a beautiful box of Maduro Macanudo’s! Awesome! Too bad I just quit.

I quit smoking cigarettes nearly 8 years ago, so I know I can do this. But Boy do I want one right now…so how do I behave? when I do so crave?

Well, I wish there were some trick, or secret, but there’s not. I am just not going to have one. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, but not tonight. That is my decision. I will not Cave to the Crave!

Day 2 without a cigar

January 6, 2011

I love smoking cigars. I love everything about cigars. I’ve been a cigar smoker for probably 15 years, and lately I’ve developed a bit of a… habit? shall we say? Here’s the thing about cigars, generally, the good ones are not cheap and the cheap ones are not good.  But this is not always true. I found an inexpensive hand made Dominican republic that had all of the flavor of it’s more expensive brothers…this was good. Or so I thought. I guess it happened slowly, I bought a bundle one day and instead of just having one socially on the weekends, I started having one everyday…sometimes two.  That’s too much. I’m no doctor, but it can’t be healthy to smoke so many cigars. So, while I love cigars, I am putting them up for now. I may still have one now and again, but for today…I’m through.

Canton PA

January 5, 2011

Every New Years, for the better part of 10 years I’ve been vacationing in a small town in Northern PA called Canton. It’s a sleepy little one light town that has a small main street, a thrift store, a Pharmacy, a hardware store, a movie theater, a grocery store and a whole lot of peacefulness and quiet. Population: 1,684. There are mountains everywhere and farms and Amish. This year we had a full house, 19 of us at one point. 10 kids, from age 16 to less than one, and 10 adults. Oh and two dogs.

Several of the usual suspects we absent and missed this year, but those who were able to come had a wonderful time. We stay at the Jones Compound, a 80 acre 19th century 7 bedroom chalet type house. It’s warm, spacious, and very comfortable. The kids do, what kids do, play video games, read books, watch DVD’s and play with toys. The rest of us did what ever we wanted until it was time to come together for meals. For me, I spent time playing guitar, reading and smoking cigars. And when I felt like it, I took my camera out to see what I could see…

Here are a few pictures.