They’re real and they’re Magnificent

Oh Shit! That’s what I said right after I took a couple of big gulps from my drink. (Sailor Jerry rum and Diet Pepsi – unfinished) What do I mean by unfinished? We’ll get back to that. First let me set the scene…

Saturday evening I’m at my brothers house, actually in his pool house. It’s where we watch the Redskins games and drink and smoke cigars. The game’s over (we won) and my brother left to pick up our other brother from another mother. While he’s gone I have been reading some of the coolest posts by some very talented and witty bloggers.

I think it was LaLa‘s post that mentioned that madame weebles “has big boobs”. I’m a man, so I thought I should just click over and check out those puppies for myself. I wasn’t disappointed. From what I gathered, they’re real and they’re magnificent.

I kept reading, and drinking. I was so engrossed in the lengthy fascinating comments section that I reached for my cup and, still reading, proceeded to gulp down several swallows of straight rum! Shit! I had forgotten to add the DP.

It was a good night despite the fact that the point to this post got lost somewhere after the 3rd or 4th drink. Football? Drinks? Boobs? Hell, I don’t know, and I don’t care. As my NY friends love to say and I hate to hear, “It is what it is.”


Now sober and well rested, I think the only way to salvage this drinkin’, smokin’, big boobin’ TMI fest is to share, with anyone who cares, some of the blogs that have captured my attention.

madame weebles
Domestic Diva MD
jillian levi
sweet mother


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