Day 2 without a cigar

I love smoking cigars. I love everything about cigars. I’ve been a cigar smoker for probably 15 years, and lately I’ve developed a bit of a… habit? shall we say? Here’s the thing about cigars, generally, the good ones are not cheap and the cheap ones are not good.  But this is not always true. I found an inexpensive hand made Dominican republic that had all of the flavor of it’s more expensive brothers…this was good. Or so I thought. I guess it happened slowly, I bought a bundle one day and instead of just having one socially on the weekends, I started having one everyday…sometimes two.  That’s too much. I’m no doctor, but it can’t be healthy to smoke so many cigars. So, while I love cigars, I am putting them up for now. I may still have one now and again, but for today…I’m through.

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