The Big Green Truck

Right from the start BG and I did not get along. She smoked. Now I don’t mind if a girl smokes, but I don’t want it blown in my face for 24 hrs. It was bad. I had to have the window down just to get some fresh air. She had a bum ticker. I thought she was gonna die on me!  I thought she was winking but it turns out she had an eye problem.  I tried sweet talking her using all of my considerable charm. I caressed her, I stroked her, I even slapped her around a little. Sadly, in the end, after many hours of messing around, I could not get her to put out! That was the final straw. I don’t think I’ll be taking her out again.

I’ve been fortunate to work for a plow company this winter. I’ve been out 3 times now and this last time I was asked to drive the big green truck. When I worked for UPS I drove the “Moose“, which was much longer, so I knew it would be no problem driving big green.

First, the truck refused to stay running . When it was running the noxious exhast fumes came right into the cab. The Mechanics  installed a new alternator. Then the plow lights went out, so I was driving with one headlight, and it was behind the plow! The mechanics fix it, but they went out again as soon as I left the depot. And I had problems with the spreader not putting out salt for a good portion of the adventure. I tried everything to get it to work. Then, I’d drive back to the depot  to have them look at it and like magic it would start throwing out salt. That was the most frustrating part. So I made the owners aware of the problems I had, and  I cross my fingers that I’m done with big green. She’s a bitch.

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