# 210 in Life’s little Instruction Book says:

“Commit yourself to constant self-improvement”

So six months ago I put out the word I was looking for a treadmill, cheap. I friend told me he had a client giving one away to make room for a new one…even better. All I had to do was get it. I did. It’s an older model, no frills, no bells or whistles either, but it is in “Mint” condition and built really tough.

For the last six months I’ve been walking almost everyday. I started slow, but I’m not a very patient man, and it wasn’t long until I was walking an hour each day. I also stopped going to McDonalds and most of the other Fast food places. I still eat pizza and Chinese and ever so often I’ll get a burger at a real restaurant.

So far, I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I went from a tight size 40 jeans to a loose size 38. I’m sleeping better and I feel better. I’m not sure that I’m totally committed to self-improvement, but I am committed to continuing to walk on my treadmill and loosing weight.

I pulled this pic of the web, it’s the same model, but mine is Mint!

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