You’d Notice

Can most of us agree that Angelina Jolie is attractive? At the very least exotic? Could you say she’d stand out in a crowd? Even if you had never seen her in a movie I think you’d notice her walking down the Street. Can we agree on that? Who cares you say?

Well, I just watched her new movie “Salt”. In it she plays a C.I.A. agent/possible Russian agent. Several times during the movie she’s running and trying to hide from the people chasing her. In one scene she puts on a hat and calmly walks down the street with the crowd and no one even looks at her! Now, I love action, thrillers, Sci-fi, and I have no trouble suspending my disbelief…to a point.  But come on! Even if she were not famous she would get noticed, because a beautiful person would get noticed the same way a very tall person or a very small person would get noticed.

I’m no spy (too tall) but I think spies are supposed to blend in, not stand out. Why on earth would you cast someone so far above plain and then ask us to believe she’s not just a good spy but one of the C.I.A.’s best? Any number of attractive, but less exotic actresses could have easily elevated this movie to a higher level. I’m not saying it was a bad movie, it was good completely unrealistic entertainment, I’m just saying you’d notice.

Yeah, I wouldn’t look twice at her on a city bus.

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