The Meat Wagon

Ok, it wasn’t a wagon it was a little truck with a freezer in the back. Not a freezer truck but a truck…with a freezer…in the back. I got the knock on the door, opened it and was told I could save 65% off the meat. Now…I live in a funny neighborhood. We get all kinds of salesmen; alarm systems, magazine salesmen, lawn companies, tons of lawn companies, and all the religious factions visit regularly. Some times, if I’m lucky, a girls scout will stop buy. (I love thin mints by the way) But this is the first time someone tried to sell me meat off the back of a truck. It sounded like a great deal, but I’m just not comfortable buying meat that way. It may work for some people but, I like to buy it fresh from the grocery or right from the butcher. He left a flyer. He said he was a independent contractor for Capital Meats. I Googled them and people do not have very nice things to say about them. Have any of you bought meat or fish from someone who knocked on your door?

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