I am not a Millionaire

I did not win the world record breaking $640 million Mega Millions jackpot. My odd’s were 1 in 176 million against it, but it’s always nice to dream. I would love to get the chance to test the idiom “Money can’t buy happiness”. I’m willing to bet I could buy a whole lot of happiness with that kind of money. First I’d buy some land. A ranch maybe. Then I’d put together a group dedicated to the rescue and care of animals. Of course I’d do the other things that everyone else says too. I’d buy my parents a house. I’d pay off my bills, and my family’s bills. I’d buy a truck. I’d  get a couple rescue dogs and cats. I’d go to all the bike rallies I haven’t yet been to. I’d start crossing off items on my bucket list, and start adding more. I’d give more, travel more, play more, sleep better, and live more. Would I be happier?

Damn right I would be.

I’ve heard you can’t win If you don’t play. Of course, even if you play, you can’t win unless you’re very, very lucky.

 Mega Nuthin'

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  1. Excellent Greycat. Excellent. I bet almost everyone has that dream but only a very few are lucky enough to fulfill it. My plans would pretty well mirror yours(except,perhaps, the ranch).
    By the way, I’ve nominated your superb blog for the Liebster Blog award. Check out notwithoutthebike for further info’.

  2. Hell yea it could mean happiness. It is all about being smart about it. Sure would be nice. Likewise on the rescuing animals, I am ALL for that. Nice post.

  3. Alas … we continue to be rich in character and personality ONLY over here at my house, too. It sure is fun to dream, though! 🙂

    • whoops! That’s my avatar that I use when communicating with a whole different web community … I guess everything’s connected?! My lack of technical knowhow is showing!

      Anyway, loving your latest musings, Sam!


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