Chewed up Balls

I love animals, and not just the kind you eat. No, I mean the pet kind. Dogs, cats, and…well mostly those kinds. Anyway, I was invited to a friends house for diner/visit and I got to met their new (to me) pets. Serious is a year old German shepherd, and Misty is a cute little beagle. Both were rescued. Both were just full of love and playfulness. I brought gifts for my friends 3 boys. Next time I’ll also bring some tennis balls.


  1. Totally love all the great pictures – great dogs – great friends – unconditional love from a dog is out of this world – Ganne and Pappy.

  2. Used to travel miles with my old Collie in the sidecar. Loved it he did. Bike rallies, days at the beach. Great friend over many years.
    Really nice post and photos.

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