Netflix Rocks!

Most people know by now you can subscribe to Netflix through most modern gaming systems. I don’t have a modern gaming system so it was a little while before I discovered Netflix. I had to replace my DVD player and the sales person talked me into buying a blue-ray player. It turns out, it connects to the internet. At the time I couldn’t justify paying for the wireless version so mine is a wired version.

Anyway, I hooked this thing up and Damn! For $9.99 a month I can watch almost anything instantly! Anything  not available instantly, I can have in my mailbox in 2 days! I’ve watched some of the coolest stuff like, All of the episodes of Bones, Battlestar Galactica,  Heroes, Fringe, NCIS, Mythbusters, most of the Law and Order shows, and old movies I haven’t seen in a long time, and movies I had never gotten around to see.

Current movies? Yep. 2012, the Surrogates,  Iron Man, Avatar, and many more. Not crap, though if you want crappy movies I’m sure they have those too. Bottom line? Get Netflix. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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