Happy Ending?

Chinese Buffet. Maybe that’s all I need to type. Some of you are thinking, “Oh no, I’ve been there.” Well, today I was at the CVS, then the Staples and came out and thought, “maybe I should try this Buffet”. I should have taken a gander at the food, but my nose and my stomach said “go ahead. Pay the man!” Not until I  had my plate, and took a turn around the place, did I realize the error of my ways. 3 things looked palatable, maybe.

Now I’m sure I should have gotten my money back and left, but I was hungry. Anyone who know me, knows that there comes a point when I have to eat, no matter what. So I found a few things…fried rice…sweet and sour chicken, teriyaki chicken, and Thai chicken. All just acceptable, like food court food only not as good.

Maybe, my timing was off, you know, I missed lunch and I was too soon for dinner? I ate slowly and little by little they brought out fresh dishes to replace the dried up pans of…of…well, the signs said things like “Perch” and “Pepper Steak” but it looked like “Pus” and “Pepper Corn”. I tried a little of each of the “fresh” dishes and they both tasted like fish.  It really was terrible people. Just awful. I finished up with a cup of chocolate ice cream, and truthfully? It was delicious…I know, I expected it to taste like fish too.

Fortune Cookie


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