Poo Slinging Monkeys and Weathermen

I did well plowing last season. But I didn’t plow once this season. Where I live, (Wasington DC Metro area) we experience all 4 seasons…sort of. We had a month, maybe month and a half of cold weather, winter weather. We had a dusting of snow, the kind they get in the south where people come out and say “What the hell is that ya’ll?” ( I love my southern family and friends) But we never really got a big, school closing, government shut down-ing, “Snowmageddon”. The kind of storm we had last year…twice. The kind we had as kids. We didn’t stop livin’ cause it was cold. Winter is part of the seasonal cycle. The trouble is, usually, when we get little to no snow, and a short winter, we get an ungodly hot and humid Summer. And that’s the real kick in the pants, the humidity. If our summer weather were like the weather in San Diego, you’d never hear me complain. As long as I also got my winter snow.

We’re in a sorta pre-spring, spring now. Spring starting in February, with a few cold nights in March to balance things. And I’m predicting a short spring and a long hot summer. I do so hope I am wrong. I believe monkeys throwing poo could predict the weather better than our local weatherpeople. Having said that I’m not a weatherman nor a poo slinging monkey so my prediction means…poo.


Brick from http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/183255/celebrating_anchormans_brick_tamland.html

Monkey from http://boltbarbers.com/

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